Carmelo Caparros
Jun 28, 2020


According to the Department of Health in the Philippines, the “average age a first depressive episode occurs is in the mid-20s.”1‑Depression among the youth and young adults have led to higher suicide rates among their age group. World Health Organization reported that “eight in every 100,000 Filipinos commit suicide. Of this figure, six are males, while two are females, aged 15 to 29 years old.”

During these times, what do you cling on to? Where do you find GENUINE HOPE? You and I are interested only in GENUINE HOPE. We don’t want a hope that has a mere PLACEBO EFFECT, something that is merely PSYCHOLOGICAL, but has NO REAL BEARING in our lives.

So, where do we find GENUINE HOPE? We can only find it in God! That is what this Psalmist is teaching us. Hope in this Psalm is seen on THREE OCCASIONS:


Text: Psalms 42

I. Hope in God Though He Seems Distant (vv. 1-6a)

II. Hope in God Though He Seems Harsh (vv. 6b-8)

III. Hope in God Though He Seems Indifferent (vv. 9-11


Only God “Elohim” is the only source of GENUINE HOPE. Hope is also in the imperative mood. So the psalmist was commanding himself to patiently wait for God.