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Living Word Christian Church

Tim Carns
Sep 23, 2018


This topic has touched each and everyone of us degree or another and it’s the problem of discouragement, depressions, despair, anguish, certainly everyone of us has experience it to one extent or another in our lives.

We have gone through periods of our lives, events have taken places, situations that have come up on just our own feelings we’re we are down and discouraged. Sometimes our discouragement leads to something far deeper, leads us to somewhere dark place.

Many heroes of the faith have suffered through times of their life of depression and discouragement.

TEXT: Psalms 13 vv 1-6

I. Pray to God (vv. 1-4)

a. Pray Honestly (vv. 1-2) (17:19)

b. Pray Fervently (vv. 3-4) (27:37)

II. Preach to Self (vv. 5-6) (31: 19)

a. Preach Faith in God (34: 05)

b. Preach Joy in Salvation (43:50)