Carmelo Caparros
Nov 29, 2020


TEXT: Psalm 103

Charles Haddon Spurgeon said of this Psalm:

“There is too much in this Psalm for a thousand pens to write, it is one of those all-comprehending Scriptures which is a Bible in itself, and it might alone almost suffice for the hymn-book of the church.”

Indeed Spurgeon was right.

There is really so much that this book teaches, but one of the primary things this Psalm teaches is the DANGER of FORGETFULNESS and that is why the Psalmist was intentional in COUNTING his BLESSINGS that he may not forget God and then he calls the believing community as well as the whole of creation in PRAISING GOD. The Psalm breaks into 3 neat parts:


I. Call to Worship and Remember God’s Benefits (vv. 1 – 16)

II. The prerequisites for receiving his benefits (vv. 17 – 18)

A. Fear Him (v. 17)
B. Keep His covenant and Remember to obey (v. 18)

III. The Assurance of these benefits (vv. 19 – 22)

A. His supreme sovereignty (v. 19)
B. The powerful obedience of His will by his angels (vv. 20 – 21)
C. Call to worship (inclusio) Verse One – worship by the individual and in Verse two – by All of creation. (v. 22)


When we try to evaluate the times we have failed God it will always be attributed to FORGETFULNESS of GOD.

We forget His goodness and run after worldly pleasures.

We forget His justice and so we give in to our lusts.

We forget He is God and we run our lives as if we are still the boss.