Carmelo Caparros
Aug 30, 2020


The world that we live in is divided into TWO CATEGORIES:
1) The one that belongs to God and

2) The one that belongs to Satan. In the Old Testament, you had God’s chosen nation that worships Yahweh, Israel and nations that worshiped HEATHEN GODS. In the New Testament, you have the true Church whose head is Christ and ADHERENTS to pagan religions.

The ones that belong to God have ONE PRIMARY GOAL and that is the GLORY of God. This was the cry of the Psalmist. As he sought God’s BLESSING, he was appealing not so much for his personal benefit nor glory, but for the GLORY of God. This is the CENTRAL THEME of this Psalm.


Here are the FOUR POINTS of our study:

I. THE PRIMACY of God’s Glory vv. 1 – 3
(A)Because of WHO He is v. 1
(B)Because of His Covenant Keeping Presence v. 2
(C)Because of His Existence, Transcendence and His Sovereignty v. 3

II. The FOLLY of IDOLS’ shame vv. 4 – 8
(A)They are MAN’S Creation v. 4
(B)They are LIFELESS vv. 5 – 7
(C) They bring DEATH to their Creators

III.The Blessing of those whose Trust is in the Lord
(A)He is their HELPER and PROTECTOR vv. 9 – 11—
(B)He is their WATCHER and BLESSER vv. 12 – 13

IV.The Psalmist’s Prayer
(A)Prayer for Abundance for Present and Next Generation v. 14
(B)RATIONALE vv. 16 – 17:
(C)RESOLUTION: To Glorify God Forever v. 18


The GLORY of GOD should be foremost in our minds since we have been redeemed by the PRICELESS BLOOD of Jesus Christ. Our hearts should be FILLED with righteous indignation when the name of our God is MALIGNED. A true son would never want his father’s name DISHONORED and this should be true in our case.