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Living Word Christian Church

Carmelo Caparros
Sep 25, 2022


The general theme of the 1st 10 chapters of Matthew is a series of TESTIMONIALS proving that Jesus is MESSIAH.

In these chapters, Matthew brings his EXHIBITS A, B & C before the “Jewish courtroom” to establish the FACT of Jesus’ Messiahship. At the end of Chapter 10, Jesus gives his disciples ADMONITION relating to the HATRED and PERSECUTION that they were going to face.

As we now move forward and examine Chapters 11 and 12, we find a SHIFT of FOCUS. In these 2 chapters, we will see the VARYING REACTIONS of people — DOUBT, CRITICISM, INDIFFERENCE, REJECTION, and BLASPHEMY


TEXT: Matthew 11: 1 – 6

Today, we will deal with one reaction and that is DOUBT.

Doubt is a reaction not only coming from UNBELIEVERS, but even BELIEVERS. Actually, all the gospel references to DOUBT refer to believers rather than unbelievers. There are three things I’d like to point out regarding this passage

I. Jesus’ continuing work – the Model – v. 1
[in the face of persecution and hatred]

II. Jesus’ defense in the face of doubt – vv. 2 – 5

III.Jesus’ blessing on unwavering faith – v. 6


If you have DOUBTS, listen to the SHEPHERD’S WORDS. Eliminate the VOICE of the WORLD and the VOICE of DESPAIR. Get used to the Shepherd’s voice and call and we will no longer be affected by the DOUBTS planted by Satan.

A man in Australia was arrested and charged with stealing a sheep. But he claimed emphatically that it was one of his own that had been missing for many days.

When the case went to court, the judge was puzzled, not knowing how to decide the matter. At last he asked that the sheep be brought into the courtroom. Then he ordered the plaintiff to step outside and call the animal. The sheep made no response except to raise its head and look frightened.

The judge then instructed the defendant to go to the courtyard and call the sheep. When the accused man began to make his distinctive call, the sheep bounded toward the door. It was obvious that he recognized the familiar voice of his master. “His sheep knows him,” said the judge. “Case dismissed!