Bebs Redulla
Jan 19, 2020

Picture a child who is never secure whether or not he is a member of the family. If today, he is obedient, he feels he is a member and thinks that his father loves him. If he is disobedient, he feels he is not a member and thinks that his father does not love him. And this goes on throughout his life.

What do you think will be the emotional and mental state of that child? Of course, he will be unstable and insecure! His idea of his father’s love is based on his performance. The reality is this: when you are born into a family, you remain a member of that family even with your imperfections! When you misbehave, you are badly representing your family and your father will discipline you!

So it is when you are born into God’s family! You see, if you have the Spirit of God indwelling in you, you are a part of God’s family and you can enjoy all the peace and security that He wants all of His children to have.

Text: 1 John 5:13



Here are the amazing assurances for the believer’s security of his eternal destiny:
1. God has acquitted you from condemnation
2. God has given you a new life
3. God loves you permanently
4. God has predestined you to become like Christ
5. God has made you perfect
6. God will persevere to complete His good work in you
7. God keeps you secure
8. God assures you that you are a child of God

What is a Christian Believer? He is a person who trusts in Jesus Christ totally for salvation. He understands and accepts that he cannot obtain right standing before God on the merits of his own righteousness or good works but is totally dependent on the finished work of Jesus Christ through his death and resurrection.

A true believer is one who is born of God. He is a citizen of heaven. He follows the Lord Jesus Christ and his life is changed forever. He will never be lost again! His eternal destiny is assured. Are you this person?