Carmelo Caparros
Sep 13, 2020


Acts 17: 28 states: “in Him [God] we live and move and exist.” There is NO PLACE GOD is not present. There is NO THOUGHT nor ACT I can hide from Him.

There is NO POWER greater than His. With all of those attributes, you would think that His TRANSCENDENCE would cause Him to STAND ALOOF from man.

But NO, He is a God who is very PERSONAL! So personal that He attends to me in UNIMAGINABLE WAYS. God KNOWS, is PRESENT and is POWERFULLY ACTIVE in the MINUTEST DETAILS of our lives


A. God’s Attributes Personalized

I. His Knowledge of me (Omniscience)
II.His Presence with me (Omnipresence)
III.His Power on me (OMNIPOTENCE – God, our personal Creator)

B. David’s Obeisance to God

I. David’s Hatred of the Wicked
II. David’s Accountability before God


Knowing this however means that we have to RESPOND to Him in affectionate ways. As the Bible says,

“we love because He first loved us.