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Living Word Christian Church

8 Things The Corona Virus Should Teach Us

Carmelo Caparros
Mar 15, 2020

Here are 8 things we’d all do well to learn, or relearn, from this coronavirus scare.

1. Our Fragility

2. Our Equality
In the eyes of the world, we’re all different; in the eyes of the virus, we’re just the same.

3. Our Loss of Control

4. The Pain We Share in Being Excluded

5. The Difference between Fear and Faith
Perhaps this crisis is challenging us to react in a different way—with faith and not fear. Faith not in the stars, or in some unknown deity. Rather, faith in Jesus Christ, the good shepherd who is also the resurrection and the life.

6. Our Need of God and Our Need to Pray

7. The Vanity of So Much of Our Lives
Perhaps this crisis is showing us what to concern our lives with. Perhaps it’s teaching us what’s really important in our lives and what is vanity.

8. Our Hope
Our species, according to Jesus, lives in the the grip of a pandemic outbreak called sin. What is your hope in the face of that virus