The ministry was established in 1990 for the primary purpose of ministering to the men in the church so that they can be nurtured and grow spiritually. The men are given the opportunity to identify their natural and spiritual gifts so that they can fully use their gifts by actively participating in the service of God’s Kingdom. The ministry is headed by Bro. Vidal (Bebs) Redulla and is tasked to provide personalized and individualized ministering of the male church members and to assist church activities and programs


Men’s Cell members invite male members of the church to join the cell. Other men outside the church are also invited to the Men’s Cell meetings for Bible study and fellowship. As they hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ, they experience salvation and begin to grow in the knowledge of God. They eventually attend and fellowship in the church.

Members are encouraged to also be involved in the other ministries such as the Islands’, SPARKS, Choir, Comfort Ministry, Preaching, Evangelistic, Prison, Children’s ministry, etc. fitting to their talents.

Members of the Men’s Cell have regular meetings for worship, fellowship and Bible study once a week and joint cell meetings quarterly for worship fellowship. Community evangelistic activities are done as scheduled by the ministry as a whole or by each cell group.


All men desiring to know God, to grow in his spiritual life and to be used for God’s kingdom work are invited to join the Men’s Cell Ministry.


Bro. Bebs Redulla
Telephone: Office: (032) 253 5037 / Residence: (032) 345 3683
Daniel Cell

Bro Jun Engracia
Mobile Number: 0920 913 0046
Meeting: Tuesday, 7 pm, at the 2nd floor, Castle Peak Hotel, Mabolo, Cebu City
David Cell

Bro. Pio Fuentes
Office: (032) 254 6205
Meeting: Tuesday, 7 pm, Living Word Center, Tanchan Rd, Banawa, Cebu City