Heartbeat is a monthly newsletter of LWCCCII primarily designed to provide relevant and updated information, reports and reviews on church activities, projects and programs as well as Biblical truths and precepts helpful for Christian growth. The newsletter came off the press on December 5, 1999 resulting from answered prayers among LWCCCII elders to produce an information guide that is simple, easy to read and readily available.

Its publication was initiated by the late Pastor Prospero “Dodong” Salve together with Dr. Ross and Gwin Ceniza. It has the primary objective of keeping church members informed and updated of what’s going on in the church and its outreaches and encourage active participation/membership among church members in the various church activities, programs and projects.

Heartbeat envisions to inspire active church participation and deep commitment to the Lord and to the works He has entrusted by providing a digest of updated information, news and features from the church, its outreaches, ministries and from other Biblical sources and literatures.

1. to provide easy-to-read and readily-accessible information to all members
2. to provide updates on the programs, projects and activities of the church and serve as the link between the church members and church leaders
3. to encourage active participation among members on the various church ministries and activities
4. to promote a well-informed active and committed church members dedicated to pursue and finish God’s works until He comes again.

2nd Friday of the month, 6:00 PM for fellowship, updates, discipleship and intercession at the residence of Pastor Nathaniel “Nat” Lumain, Nichol’s Heights, Guadalupe, Cebu City

Who can be members?

must be a born-again Christian;
must be at least 2 years in the Lord and not a new convert’
must be an official member of Living Word (LWCCCII).
must have the heart and the passion to serve God with the special gift that the Lord has given him/her
must be willing to serve, trained and submit to the leadership
Juliet Hatamosa – Mobile: 0923-517-3127 Email: jphatamosa@gmail.com
Honey Tañajura – Mobile: 0922-286-2519 Email: honeytanajura@gmail.com

• Ptr. Nathaniel “Nat” Lumain
• Dr. Frances Victorian F. Lumain

Facebook: Heartbeat Livingword
Email: heartbeat@livingwordcm.com