The One Question to the One Answer

Carmelo Caparros
June 14, 2020

The One Question to the One Answer


During this pandemic crisis, there is ONLY ONE QUESTION that people are asking and there is ONLY ONE ANSWER to that question.


TEXT: Psalm 121

I. The Question everybody is asking – v. 1

II. The Only Answer – v. 2

III.The How of the answer – vv. 3 – 8
1. He will not allow your foot to slip v. 3
2. He will keep you vv. 3, 4, 7
3. He will be your shade vv. 5 – 6
4. He will protect and guard you vv. 7 – 8


To the ONE QUESTION we have, we only have ONE ANSWER and He is MORE THAN ENOUGH!

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