In-Person Service

Since December 2020, we have already opened our doors for the in-person gathering. We have at the moment four services every weekend from which you may choose to attend. Online registration, however, is a necessity for the seat reservation and contact tracing. Please do “click to register for in-person service”.

Health Guidelines

  • NO Fever or chills
  • NO Cough (whistling or barking)
  • NO Sore Throat
  • NO contact  with anyone who has had COVID-19, or someone who has been sick with fever, chills, or a cough
  • NO travel history outside the province or country


We will be operating at less than 50% capacity and can only accommodate 170 attendees every weekend.
We are encouraging you to continue watching our online service.


  • In-person services are available every Saturday (Cebuano English Service) and Sunday (English Service) at 9:00 AM
  • Register to attend here. (Maximum capacity of 170 attendees)
  • Each attendee should agree with the Health Declaration Guidelines
  • High risk and person with comorbidities are not allowed to attend the In-Person service
  • Everyone in attendance SHOULD wear a face mask and face shield
  • Attendance is strictly limited for ages 16-59 years old
  • You are allowed to attend once every 2 months