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Pastor Carmelo ‘Mel’ Caparros II graduated from San Beda High School in 1978 and in 1981, he completed his degree in Communication Arts from De La Salle University. He then worked with Advertising and Marketing Associates and handled prestigious accounts. It was after his stint with this company that he became a Christian in the latter part of 1982, as he witnessed the changed life of his brother Jesus Roberto Caparros.

He pursued some studies in theology at Asian Theological Seminary. He graduated from the International Bible Institute of London (Cebu Extension) and received a diploma on Biblical Studies from London. He completed Biblical Counseling modules under Overseas Instruction in Counseling. He also finished a program which is equivalent to a Master’s level from the Expositor’s Academy with the Master’s Academy International (an affiliate of The Master’s Seminary). His previous Pastoral experience included stints in Balayan, Batangas and Alabang, and Metro Manila before he was assigned to Cebu.

He is married to Ana Marie Velarde Caparros and they have 3 grown up children, Timothy Joseph, Aaron Joshua and Hannah Mariel. Pastor Mel is presently the Senior Pastor of Living Word Christian Churches of Cebu Int’l., Inc., a group of churches numbering around 100, all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in the Philippines and other countries, namely, United States, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. The central church now has an approximate membership of 2,600 members in 7 services every Saturday and Sunday. All in all, the 100 churches combined, number more than 10,000 members.

He has a regular TV program shown over Cable on ABS-CBN in Cebu and Dumaguete. He also has a regular Saturday and Sunday program on DYFR 98.7 FM.

Pastor Mel has spoken in conferences and seminars in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia and in many parts of the Philippines. He has also spoken in churches in South Korea, HongKong, Malaysia and Singapore. He also does Bible educational tours in Israel every year.

He is the author of two books. Enough is Enough and More Than Enough.

Pastor Aaron Joshua ‘A.J.’ Caparros

    • An Associate Pastor of Living Word Christian Churches of Cebu Int’l. Inc.
    • The Head Counselor for the Soul Care Ministry Of Living Word Christian Churches of Cebu Int’l., Inc.
    • Pastor A.J. is married to Christine Colmenares Caparros and they have two kids, Zaza and Z.





Pastor John David ‘D.J.’ Barrios

    • Pastor of the Youth Ministry
    • Associate Counselor for the Soul Care Ministry of Living Word Christian Churches of Cebu Int’l., Inc.
    • Teacher-in-charge for Growing in the Body Course
    • School Chaplain of Living Word Christian Learning Center





Pastor Junie ‘Jun Niño’ Nalipay

    • Pastor of Second Wind Ministry (a ministry for our young adults)
    • Pastor of the Cebuano Fellowship
    • A talent of ABS-CBN



Jesus is truly God as taught by the Bible.
Our faith is in one God, the Holy Trinity; who is God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ, though fully God, became fully human.

The Bible is God’s word and teaches about our fall into sin, Jesus Christ, salvation, the church, civil government, and our Lord’s return.

We cannot save ourselves because sin has affected every part of our nature. We cannot come to faith by ourselves. God takes the initiative, choosing us in Christ without consideration of any good in us, not even foreseen faith. God’s Spirit alone can work in us the miracle of saving faith that gives us new life in Christ.

Our rescue from sin is a free and unearned gift of God through Jesus Christ. Our grateful response is living in faith and obedience to our Lord.


Our mission is to uphold and cultivate a biblical and lofty view of God in the life and ministry of the church which includes contending for the purity of the gospel and the biblical faith, standing as the body to which ministers and leaders of member-churches, although autonomous, will be held morally and doctrinally accountable, equipping pastors and workers of churches outside our communion, planting churches where the Holy Spirit will direct, and spreading the message of salvation of Christ Jesus to the world at large. All these things shall we do by the grace of God for the glory of His name till the day of His coming for His church.


Living Word Christian Churches of Cebu International Inc seeks to bring GLORY to God, by enhancing the individual and corporate spiritual lives (passion and devotion in the disciplines of worship, prayer, study, meditation and application of God’s word) of its people through the faithful preaching and teaching of God’s word. It seeks to uphold the supremacy of Christ in the individual and corporate life of the church, thereby bringing about spiritual maturity and holiness for both.

It likewise seeks to build the local church through discipleship to bring about ministry to the church based on loving relationships, having understood the concept of being part of Christ’s body and God’s household. As part of its commitment to discipleship, it seeks to safeguard the church from false doctrines, churches and teachers.

Lastly, it seeks to fulfill the Great Commission in the establishment of churches here and abroad, by the preaching of the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.

All of these pursuits are to be sought in dependence and guidance on the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.


We value Scripture and its authority as our rule for faith, life and ministry.

We value the duty of contending for the faith.

We value the spiritual disciplines of the Christian life.

We value the importance of mutual edification, accountability and submission.

We value biblical unity in the Body of Christ.

We value upholding and cultivating a biblical view of God in the church life and ministry.

We value the mandate of discipleship of the Lord Jesus Christ for the preservation and propagation of the pure Gospel in our country and to wherever God will guide us.

We value the biblical standard for leadership.

We value establishing vision and direction for leaders and the local church.

We value the promotion of Christ-honoring family relationships.